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by Yaniv Reich on November 18, 2009

Whether or not Iran is attempting to develop their nuclear weapons capacity, Netanyahu’s myopia towards Iran is terrifying. Believing that Iran constitutes a “grave threat” to Israel, even as he visits Israel’s nuclear-armed submarines that provide essential deterrence against any hypothetical nuclear attacks, Netanyahu continuously and concretely threatens Iran with war. Note that even though Ahmedinejad has made revolting comments on Holocaust denial, and stating that Jews deserved whatever happened to them in Europe (which, of course, directly contradicts,, and that Israel should disappear from the map, these are all a far cry from actually threatening Israel with military action. Yet the Netanyahu government threatens Iran on a nearly daily basis, which, in my view, makes Iran’s quest for nuclear capability an extremely rational action (even if I am against nuclear proliferation).

Here is today’s example. I just hope Aluf Benn is making this nonsense up and is not privy to actual information:

Netanyahu is motivated by a number of things:

The Strategy: It appears that Netanyahu is preparing for war against Iran and Hezbollah in the coming spring, when the snows melt and the clouds clear. Evidence of this is the additional defense budget and the home front’s preparations for a confrontation.

This is the definition of warmongering. If any readers can find similarly inflammatory statements in the Persian press, I would love to hear about them.

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