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By now most readers will have heard that Noam Chomsky, renowned linguist and political commentator, was denied entry to the West Bank because some Israeli commander was aware of his “political opinions”. Israel quickly backpeddled from their authoritarian decision in the wake of more international condemnation and concern than for, say, the hundreds of Gazan […]


Today is the anniversary of the establishment of Israel on May 15th, 1948. It is also the day that Palestinians commemorate as the Nakba (“the catastrophe”). Here are two excellent documentaries on the establishment of Israel and the birth of the Palestinian refugee problem. Spend some time today thinking about the history conveyed in these […]


Why can’t all Palestinians just speak Hebrew, sing the Israeli national anthem about their Jewish souls, and make us their delicious hummus and “Israeli” salad? Must they always aggravate us by, you know, speaking Arabic? The ink was drying on Gideon Levy’s most recent piece about how Israelis would really like it if all Arabs […]


I hate hyperbole when things are already so bad that no exaggeration is needed. So I am going to keep things as rational and methodical as possible, with a nice and healthy smattering of caveats wherever needed. Still, I have no doubt what I am about to say would disturb my family members who slowly […]


After what presumably amounted to months of desperate searching, Judge Goldstone’s detractors finally found the “smoking gun” to forever lay to rest his damaging—and still unrebutted—report on Israeli and Hamas-orchestrated war crimes in Gaza. It turns out that he is a judge, a white man, from South Africa, of sufficient age and experience to have […]


Hybrid States has been on something of a hiatus recently. The reasons for this are several. First, the blog found itself bombarded with a seemingly infinite stream of mind-boggling and truly outrageous news items, due not in small part to the seemingly infinite lunacy coming out of Israel’s government. But keeping on top of the […]