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Defense Minister Ehud Barak described it as “false, distorted, and irresponsible“. ?Information Minister Yuli Edelstein called it “anti-Semitic“. ?Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren said it “insidiously… portrayed the Jews as the deliberate murderers of innocents“. ?Foreign Minister Lieberman argued that its true purpose “was to destroy Israel’s image, in service of countries where […]


It is difficult to recall such a striking example of personal and institutional racism, which allows justice to be meted out so differentially, so disproportionately to individuals from different ethnic groups. Of course, the issue has nothing to do with black men impersonating white men, as the title suggests. Rather, the actual story centers on […]


Max Blumenthal published today a nice catch from the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot about how 550 Israeli officers and soldiers have been investigated for possible war crimes in Gaza. On July 15th, I published a little post on the two IDF soldiers prosecuted for shooting an unarmed, bound, and blindfolded man. I noted the revealing […]


This is not a current event, but then again the Israeli effort to erase Palestinians from history and contemporary life make the article forever relevant. According to a doctoral dissertation prepared at Ben-Gurion University using Israeli government archives, Israel “plundered and destroyed” 27,000 Palestinian books as part of its effort to “Judaize the country,” which […]

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The only thing that distinguished this event from an endless stream of similar incidents was the fact it was recorded on video. Thankfully, a Palestinian held in hand one of B’Tselem’s video cameras and thereby managed to generate a massive quantity of evidence, which yielded an infinitesimal amount of accountability. To make a long story […]

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