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Israelis love to think about themselves as little ‘d’ democrats, but they have a very peculiar way of understanding democratic principles. A new poll released today by the Israel Democracy Institute brings into full, awkward view the contradictory, mutually inconsistent definitions of democracy that cohabit the Israeli psyche. First the (semi) flattering news. 51% of […]

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OK, that headline is deliberately and falsely sensationalistic in order to grab your attention.? Unfortunately, I believe Moshe Arens’ motivation for making an extremely similar statement about the Nakba reflects a far more insidious objective than simple attention grabbing. A couple days ago, Haaretz published a revolting verbal attack on what was probably the most […]


Two posts ago I discussed the Israeli media reporting of a recent poll, and I highlighted how the framing of the matter contributes to Israeli fears, which run directly counter to the attitudes required to make genuine peace. Today we have another striking example.? The Jerusalem Post (again) announces: Majority of Palestinians Oppose Peace Talks […]