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File this under the bat-shit crazy category of racism.? Latma TV, the same fundamentalist right-wing media group (founded by luminaries such as the neuron-challenged Caroline Glick) that brought us the “We Con the World” parody after the flotilla massacre, now publishes a truly offensive skit mocking the Arab democracy revolutions. It would have been literally […]

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I can appreciate that arguments for cultural boycott might require a little more intellectual sophistication and awareness than, say, being (verbally) against Jewish-only colonies on stolen land. Every self-identified Jewish or Israeli “liberal” loves to blame the settlers for everything (when they aren’t trying to blame Hamas), but the notion of boycotting cultural icons seems […]


Not only do Israelis hold intensely hypocritical attitudes toward Palestinian nonviolence, as I highlighted in my last post, but they also hold opinions about violent Palestinian resistance that are characterized by a kind of phony piousness.? Israelis simply disallow Palestinians the same right to struggle for a national home that they afforded themselves. Here is […]


The massive, organized, hysterical opposition by Israelis and their lobbyists to the UN Security Council Resolution today, which aimed to condemn settlements (with Hillary Clinton’s own recent language about them) makes the whole game crystal clear.? The real issue Israelis have is not that some Palestinian resistance fighters use violence (and often illegal, terrorizing violence […]