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One of the goals of this blog is to generate thoughtful discussion on Israel and Palestine. This subject matter, however, frequently generates a bit too much of the wrong types of discussion. Therefore, there will be a simple set of rules, to which all participants must adhere:

  1. No incitement to violence. When discussing matters of war and peace, war advocates are necessarily engaging in a form of incitement. In the modern world, certainly in the militaristic societies in which I live, war’s proponents commonly comprise some bloated share of the population and thereby form the mainstream middle of opinion. Accordingly, those who advocate for alternatives to war—diplomacy, containment, negotiations, aid and development, etc.—are typically forced to debate against the prevailing war wind. When war is the assumption, the prospects for peace and justice are immediately diminished.Here, on this blog, the guiding framework is one of peace and co-existence. Consequently, any arguments for war/violence will require strong argumentation, even stronger evidence, and will still be overly scrutinized and likely deconstructed into smithereens. Any such arguments with less empirical support or intellectual foundation will simply be deleted.
  2. Absolutely no racist language or innuendo. Racism is very 20th century. It has no justifiable place on this blog nor any world in which a reasonable person would choose to live.
  3. Don’t shoot the messenger. Keep all comments about the subject matter rather than some assumed character trait of the relevant person. Ad hominem attacks are a sign of intellectual weakness, ethical weakness, or a combination thereof.

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1 Car Accessories June 2, 2011 at 8:04 am

The Palestine Problem is one of the most difficult problems of recent history. It is over a century old now, and it has been the subject of innumerable resolutions and inquiries by the League of Nations, the United Nations, and other international bodies. Up till now, it shows no sign of impending resolution. If anything, it seems to be getting more and more complicated, as it is becomes entangled with Islamism, terrorism, and American (Western) hegemony in world affairs. SO, keep on highlighting such important topic as many people get faith when reading your blog!!! ??