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Peter Beinart’s new book, The Crisis of Zionism, tries hard—really, really hard—to distinguish between what he calls “non-democratic Israel”, i.e. the occupation and settlements, and “democratic Israel”, which seems somehow in his and other liberal Zionists’ brains as immune from the theft, murder, and grinding ethnic cleansing of the big-o Occupation. It’s a charming but […]


Aafter an overly long hiatus from Hybrid States due to extreme time pressure in other fields of my life, I read Gershom Gorenberg’s excerpt from his new book The Unmaking of Israel, which deals, ironically enough, with the making of Israel via the removal of 80 percent of the non-Jewish, indigenous population. A response to […]


Facing the biggest domestic political crisis since he took office (in the form of of the #j14 protests), Netanyahu responds in the following, all-too-predictable ways: Trying to assassinate Nasrallah or other high-ranking Hezbollah officials and spark a new conflagration. Announcing the construction of another 930 Jewish-only houses on the Palestinian side of the Green Line. […]


Do you not find it grotesque that Israelis celebrate “Independence Day” in artificial parks built by the Jewish National Fund on the ruins of Palestinian villages? For example, Canada Park (cited in the link), was built on the depopulated and destroyed villages of Dayr Ayyub, Imwas, Yalo, and Bayt Nuba. The Biriya National Forest on […]


A routine rebuttal to the argument that Israel is an apartheid state is to focus on the conditions of the Palestinian citizens of Israel. Israel’s defenders allege, for example, that Palestinians within its borders (whatever those are taken to be) live better than other Palestinians, or even other Arabs. Others like to point out that […]


We are accustomed to hearing about how Israel as an ethnically exclusivist state was necessary to protect the Jews after the Holocaust. For most Israelis, this assertion has taken on almost axiomatic status. So it’s interesting to note that many of the early Zionist leaders, including the relentlessly mythologized David Ben-Gurion, Zionist leader and first […]


My dear aunt (of letter fame) loves to think of me as biased (against Israel).? I have devoted a decade or two to the patient explanation of why this opinion is false—and demonstrably so.? But in her mind, my stubborn focus on human and civil rights means that I care more about Palestinians than Jews, […]


OK, that headline is deliberately and falsely sensationalistic in order to grab your attention.? Unfortunately, I believe Moshe Arens’ motivation for making an extremely similar statement about the Nakba reflects a far more insidious objective than simple attention grabbing. A couple days ago, Haaretz published a revolting verbal attack on what was probably the most […]


Two posts ago I discussed the Israeli media reporting of a recent poll, and I highlighted how the framing of the matter contributes to Israeli fears, which run directly counter to the attitudes required to make genuine peace. Today we have another striking example.? The Jerusalem Post (again) announces: Majority of Palestinians Oppose Peace Talks […]


There are seven reasons why Ari Shavit’s seven reasons to recognize Israel as a Jewish state form the primary basis for conflict rather than offer any solution. Here I address his hyper-nationalistic detritus one point at a time. An (Exclusivist) National Home The first argument he makes is that “the supreme goal of Zionism is […]

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