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Israel has tried hard to justify its violent overtaking of the humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza last spring.? In particular, it has turned to convoluted, somewhat tortured interpretations of international law, which it claims provides legal cover for the brutal mission.? Israel was just enforcing a blockade according to maritime law, or so the argument […]

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The last few blog posts have focused on the contradictions—that is, fabrications—coming out of the “IDF” Press Office and Israeli Foreign Ministry about the flotilla massacre. Here, I focus again on the IDF effort to paint the humanitarian activists as terrorists. The point is not new; it has been making the rounds on the blogosphere, […]

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The NY Times Jerusalem Bureau Chief, whose objectivity was cast into doubt because his son actively serves in the IDF, has just published a detailed article on the flotilla massacre. The second paragraph jumps off the page: The crack of an Israeli sound grenade and a hail of rubber bullets from above were supposed to […]


In addition to the proven IDF lies highlighted in the preceding posts on this blog, the latest blunder comes from the IDF’s clearly doctored “Radio Transmission from Mavi Marmara to Israel Navy”. Thanks to Ali Abunimah for the original post pointing this out. It sounds in the strange, clearly edited recording that the IDF published […]


The Freedom Flotilla has inspired some rabid and quite insane responses from my countrypeople and co-religionists.? The following videos/articles don’t need a lot of extra commentary.? I just wanted to put together some examples of the type of reactions one sees coming out of Israel and the Jewish community.? This is, in my view, the […]


The Israeli government is very rapidly losing control of its own hasbara efforts. As documented in recent posts, Israel’s Consulate in New York first claimed no commandos were detained by activists, then Israel’s navy said there were, and just now the consulate wrote me again (@HybridStates) to say no IDF troops were captured at any […]


The Israeli government has decided to change its story, ostensibly because it felt it had generated enough sympathy in the international media through its confiscation and selective publishing of video from the flotilla attack. Israel’s orchestrated PR effort has only worked, of course, in generating jingoistic empathy for the soldiers among its own largely brainwashed […]


Yesterday Yuli Edelstein at the Israel Consulate in New York fielded questions via Twitter about the flotilla massacre. I asked directly: “Were IDF commandos detained by flotilla activists? If so, for how long? How were they released?” The Israeli Consulate responded: “Not true. Its a rumor.” About 30 hours later the world is informed that […]