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We are accustomed to hearing about how Israel as an ethnically exclusivist state was necessary to protect the Jews after the Holocaust. For most Israelis, this assertion has taken on almost axiomatic status. So it’s interesting to note that many of the early Zionist leaders, including the relentlessly mythologized David Ben-Gurion, Zionist leader and first […]


Elsewhere, I have argued that Israel’s policy of siege against the people of Gaza brings up all-too-familiar, yet still wretchedly uncomfortable, connotations for anyone familiar with Nazi practices toward those they imprisoned in ghettos and concentration camps. Since then, of course, even more dramatic evidence of Israeli planning over the caloric consumption and development of […]


A brilliant, must-see video by the Eretz Nehederet show in Israel. What is most remarkable about this short satirical piece is how realistic it is. It can be considered satire, but it unfortunately reflects far too common thoughts that have infected Israeli critical thinking capacities. Like conservatives who can’t tell that Stephen Colbert is mocking […]


OK, that headline is deliberately and falsely sensationalistic in order to grab your attention.? Unfortunately, I believe Moshe Arens’ motivation for making an extremely similar statement about the Nakba reflects a far more insidious objective than simple attention grabbing. A couple days ago, Haaretz published a revolting verbal attack on what was probably the most […]


There are seven reasons why Ari Shavit’s seven reasons to recognize Israel as a Jewish state form the primary basis for conflict rather than offer any solution. Here I address his hyper-nationalistic detritus one point at a time. An (Exclusivist) National Home The first argument he makes is that “the supreme goal of Zionism is […]

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I hate hyperbole when things are already so bad that no exaggeration is needed. So I am going to keep things as rational and methodical as possible, with a nice and healthy smattering of caveats wherever needed. Still, I have no doubt what I am about to say would disturb my family members who slowly […]


Prejudice against Muslims is one of the few remaining “legitimate” forms of racism in the sense it is widely accepted in public in the western world. To cite just one example, GOP Congresspeople can call for all Muslim visa holders in the US to be deported without even sparking a substantive conversation on the racism […]

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This blog will also serve as a place to gather remarkable quotations about Israel/Palestine. Today, Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi, IDF Chief of Staff, said this at a Holocaust memorial ceremony in Germany: “I, Gabi Ashkenazi, a son of a Holocaust survivor, stand here today as the commander of the Israel Defense Forces, and carry with […]