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Question of the day

by Yaniv Reich on November 8, 2009

J Street, the new Jewish lobbying group in the US, claims it is “pro-Israel, pro-peace.” Put aside for a moment definitional issues about what “pro-Israel” means exactly (Is it pro-Jewish ethnocracy? Is it democracy for all Israeli citizens?). Also put aside what “pro-peace” means in the context of a two-state agenda that can only be […]


If you want to understand better the more paranoid and totalitarian aspects of Israeli and Jewish thinking, the Jerusalem Post contains a shining example today, written by Harvey Schwartz, chairman of the American Israeli Action Coalition (AIAC), “an organization that seeks to represent the 250,000 Americans living in Israel”. Most American-Israelis I have spoken to […]

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The meaning of J Street

by Yaniv Reich on October 28, 2009

J Street is a fairly new “pro-Israel, pro-peace” lobbying group in the US, which positions itself a notch or two to the left of AIPAC’s “all criticism of Israel is anti-semitic” line. This week, J Street held its first national conference in Washington, DC, which was very well-attended despite being boycotted by Michael Oren, Israel’s […]


The Promised Land blog has an excellent post today about the recent political attacks against Peace Now. These attacks include being called “a virus, which causes the state great damage” by Moshe Ya’alon, former IDF Chief of Staff and current Knesset member. They also include Peace Now’s director-general being banned from entering Israel’s parliament by […]