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Aafter an overly long hiatus from Hybrid States due to extreme time pressure in other fields of my life, I read Gershom Gorenberg’s excerpt from his new book The Unmaking of Israel, which deals, ironically enough, with the making of Israel via the removal of 80 percent of the non-Jewish, indigenous population. A response to […]


Well, the second most meaningless word after ‘terrorism’, of course, as Glenn Greenwald so expressively pointed out last year.? Clearly, terrorism means nothing more than the violence your enemies commit.? By construction, therefore, it never describes your own behavior, no matter how many innocent civilians you kill or under what circumstances, even if you kill […]


Not only do Israelis hold intensely hypocritical attitudes toward Palestinian nonviolence, as I highlighted in my last post, but they also hold opinions about violent Palestinian resistance that are characterized by a kind of phony piousness.? Israelis simply disallow Palestinians the same right to struggle for a national home that they afforded themselves. Here is […]