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The massive, organized, hysterical opposition by Israelis and their lobbyists to the UN Security Council Resolution today, which aimed to condemn settlements (with Hillary Clinton’s own recent language about them) makes the whole game crystal clear.? The real issue Israelis have is not that some Palestinian resistance fighters use violence (and often illegal, terrorizing violence […]


Occupation by the numbers

by Yaniv Reich on January 29, 2010

Sometimes numbers are worth a thousand words. And if the numbers aren’t enough, the selection of maps on this website (which can be found under the Resources tab) can provide another couple thousand words worth of images. Length of the West Bank-Israel border: 196 miles. Projected length of West Bank wall: 437 miles. Projected proportion […]


Its a news day full of tension and contradictions. First, the good—and most important—news. The Israeli army is preparing to move the route of the segregation wall in Bil’in village, where it had annexed Palestinian land and sparked weekly, mostly nonviolent protests against the land grab, according to an IDF officer’s pledge disclosed to the […]

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